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“Only the creatures who live in a fantasy, have a word called reality.”


Arash Khosravipour is:

Currently alive
Human v1.6.009Ctx-SR43-I.AM
Curious, fascinated
Writer and Poet

Exploring what is, asking what may be.



Current projects:
neXtlabThe future of YOU
ArishtoA life worth living “. Personal brand/artist name. Publications are planned for November 2019.
MonkzzyA search engine for questions


Director, creator and editor for the Dutch Public Broadcast (NPO).
3D and VFX artist. Cinema 4D, After Effects, Real Flow, X-Pericles.
Touring sound engineer. 500+ concerts with some of the finest international artist.
Visual designer.
Web developer and designer at: “Mary And The Dot”.
Dj, sound designer, event organiser.


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