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The Beginning

Artechvision has been around since 2006. Grown out of a passion to create playful concepts to challenge the everyday usualness. Virtual reality experiments, think tanking for companies and startups, challenging entrepreneurs in their visions and throwing some wired parties full of new concepts. In this journey I have always challenged myself to learn a ton of different skills firsthand. From design and user experience to building concept living/working spaces. From 3D animations to 3D scanning and virtual worlds, sound engineering where I had the chance to work with some of the greatest artist who walked this earth, played the TV director for NPO (Dutch National Broadcaster) for a while, DJ-ed in some of the biggest dutch festivals, played guitar like a maniac for years although I was terrible at it and a ton more. Many joys, discoveries, victories and very importantly many failures.
My name is Arash Pour, shortened from Khosravipour for your spelling enjoyment.

And Then

Somewhere near the end of the 2016 I decided that it was enough messing around. A burning need was emerged to work on the ideas that I had for many years that can affect us in a positive way, by utilising the possibilities that will be rising in the coming years. Some of these will be due to technological advances in for example biometrics, augmented reality, the others due to science. I somewhat consider myself to be a futurist, although I also like to believe that I am truly living in the now. I have been experimenting with a lots ideas, theories and my own hypothesis in the past years. Covering everything form my physiology, mind, beliefs energy, environment and in terms reality. The change can only start from the within. My very diverse background and interests have given me a very strong think out of the box mindset that is proving to be helpful while facing the challenges we all face in these times and in the future.

        • At the moment I write and thinker with the future of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, content creation in the future world, what it can mean to be a human in the age of A.I and jobless future, the future of identity and why it will dissolve to make us more human, the widening of the perception weather sensory or interpretative and it’s massive effects, the self, consciousness and the modern neuroscience and much more.In a world that is rather mindlessly pushed in all directions and the way that we are adopting all that comes our way without a clear vision of who we can be and why, fresh human centred ideas, no matter how big or small are the light on the otherwise dark and mysterious path.

I believe that there is a possibility to enter the brightest era of the human history, the mass enlightenment. There are many challenges ahead as in any epic journey, however it is the journey we must undertake if we are going to fulfil our potential.

If you want to learn about my ideas and the state of the experiments I invite you to leave your contact at the bottom of this page and you’ll be the first to know when the my blog is up.

For Now 

Most of my experiences and findings will find their way into two channels that I have recently created or will do so soon.
neXtlab “the future of YOU” were you find all empirical and theoretical ideas to challenge your reality. It is a laboratory for the neXt generation of creators. Everything from electrical brain stimulation to breathing techniques, neuroscience to flow, new technologies and hacks for your empowerment. What makes the neXtlab different is a unique outlook into the future and it’s possibilities rather than many other methods and institutes that act as the world will be the same as now in 10 years. Find out more about the neXtlab:

The other channel will be my blog where I will be publishing all my mad ideas.

Artechvision, will remain the parent entity for these concepts and also my official channel to work with clients.

Thank you sincerely for your visit and hope to see you in a fascinating future.

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